Staying Ahead of Red with Desitin

Diaper rash is one of the things thats commonly dealt with as a parent. Life happens and sometimes baby might stay in a wet diaper too long or they might have sensitive skin in general and that can lead to a nasty, and painful, diaper rash! The common causes are: 

  1. Irritation from stool/ urine with prolonged wear of diaper
  2. Sensitive skin
  3. Chaffing and rubbing
  4. Irritation from new product
  5. Bacterial or yeast infection (fungal)
  6. Use of antibiotics


The best way to stay ahead of red is by using DESITIN! It’s the best diaper rash cream on the market and I actively use it to prevent rashes from occurring. Its gentle on your baby’s skin and works like a charm. Along with Desitin, you can also practice good diaper changing habits:

  1. Change diaper often
  2. Rinse baby’s bottom with warm water after each change.
  3. Patt bottom dry with clean paper towel.
  4. Don’t over tighten diapers

Diaper rashes can be such a pain (pun intended!), but you’re not in it alone! Desitin is here to help sooth your baby’s rash and to prevent future rashes. I encourage you mamas to try it out and see for yourself! 


Luli Bebe’ Monaco Diaper Bag

I had the most amazing opportunity to review the new Monaco diaper bag by LULI BEBE! Being a mom means always being on the go and always traveling with tons of stuff both for you and for baby. My daughter Emma is nearly two years old an
d I’m still shlepping around all kinds of stuff on our daily adventures. Here’s a list of all the things I normally look for when choosing a diaper bag:


  1. STYLE!- Honestly, I’ve seen some pretty hideous diaper bags in the past few years and there’s just no way around it folks, stay away from awfully busy prints and bad synthetic materials. The Monaco is a beautiful faux vegan leather with a quilted front pocket that’s easily accessible and has the convenience of a magnetic open/close feature. You can either show it over your shoulder or wear it as a backpack.
  2. Versatility- The best diaper bag is one that doesn’t really feel like your conventional bag. Its one that you feel like you can sport without having to also bring a purse along. I always love when a diaper bag has a designated “mama space”, where I can place my wallet, phone, keys, chapstick, etc…The Monaco has so many great compartments within the bag where I can store all my mama essentials.
  3. Comfort- As moms, we’re always carrying our babies and straining our backs and the last thing we need is an uncomfortable diaper bag to throw on our shoulders. The best kind of bag will give you the option to either hang on your stroller, wear as a backpack or quickly throw over shoulder for fast and short periods of time when you don’t have a second to wear it appropriately. Luli Bebe’ offers all three on these options with their Monaco.
  4. Easy accessibility- When your baby’s laying there with a poopy diaper, the last thing you need to worry about it opening and closing the diaper bag in order to get what you need. With the Monaco, you have two zippers from each side that open the top almost completely, offering easy access to all of your needed baby items.
  5. Easy clean up- The first day I used my Monaco diaper bag, I of course, spilled a sticky Caramel Macchiato all over it! Gosh I was so mad until I took a simple baby wipe and cleaned it right off! It was such a relief because I’ve had to throw an entire diaper bag in the wash before and couldn’t really use it until the next day, which was so inconvenient. The inside is lined with beautiful satin that can also be easily cleaned. If you’re a “Hot Mess Mom” like me then definitely get a Monaco!
  6. Storage- Last, but certainly not least, storage is KEY! I was so amazed at the sheer size and storage space that the Monaco offers. It fits multiple bottles, clothes, diapers, wipe, creams…you name it!

I’m thrilled to say that Luli Bebe’ meets all of these needs and more. It’s been a lifesaver and no-brainer for us. Definitely consider it if you’re a new mama or even a seasoned mama looking for something better for yourself. 

Only half of what you can fit inside!









So much space!










*This post was sponsored by Luli Bebe’ but all opinions are always my OWN! <3

J’Adore Les Fleurs

Mamas, lets talk FLOWERS! I’ve honestly never met a woman who didn’t like reciveing them, and this weekend J’Adore Les Fleurs sent Emma and I our very own arrangements! From the moment I opened the door, my house flooded with the smell of these beautiful flowers and Emma was so excited to see that Mama wansn’t the only one being spoiled! They sent her her own little mini box that was identical to mine!  How sweet is that?!

This wonderful flower boutique is Los Angeles based and has three locations for your convenience. It’s such a great gift to take to one of your friends who recently had a baby or even to hint at your hubby for an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or “just because”!

  • Studio City: 11030 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 763-2989
  • Pacific Palisades: 542 Palisades Dr. Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 (310) 463-8883
  • Glendale: 1100 S. Central Ave Ste C, Glendale, CA 91204 (818) 244-2233

Each arrangement is crafted with care and love with non other than the finest florals. They also specialize in a wide variety of event designs for weddings, showers, christening, etc.. You can phone same day or ahead of time and tell them exactly what color scheme you’d like and for what type of event and they will customize it to your liking. They have different sizes, styles, and textured boxes that you can choose from to make them extra chic! Next time you’re in the market for some beautiful, lush, extravagant bouquets, you know right where to go! 



Summer Clean-Up Essentials With Clorox, Viva Paper Towels, and Walmart

Summer’s here and as a mom who loves having my girlfriends over for playdates, I also have to think about all the germs that will be left behind once all the fun is over. My goal is to illuminate as much bacteria I can from the toys that she’s constantly sharing this summer. Im going to give you all a step by step of what I like to use in oder to get the best clean possible! Emma and I headed over to Walmart to grab some Clorox Cleaner spray and Viva Paper towels. Here’s two rebates that’ll come in handy:  ‘Walmart + Clorox Ibotta Rebate Offer’ and ‘Viva Ibotta Rebate Offer’.

Once you make it home from your Walmart trip, here are the steps to getting all of your child’s toys disinfected: 

  1. Lay out a few pieces of the Viva paper towel and place the dirty toys on top.
  2. Use your Clorox spray cleaner to mist some of the solution onto the toys but be cousious because a little goes a long way and make sure to open a window. Always keep the kids way from any type of leaning solution.
  3. Let it sit for a few minutes…
  4. Fill up the tub with warm water and soap, and dump the dirty toys with the soultion on into the bath.
  5. Once you get the Clorox solution cleaned off, lay the toys back onto a clean Viva towel and wipe dry.

Its honestly so simple to do! It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish and it’s truly effective! These are definite essentials from the summer but really can be used all year long for all of your household messes!



Nuby Stainless Steel Food Jar

One of Emma’s favorite things to eat is soup! She’s been loving all the yummy Armenian soups that my mother in law has been cooking for her. Since we are always out and about, I needed something to store the soups in, that would keep it both warm and fresh. That when I decided to try out the Nuby Stainless Steel Food Jar. It has a duel wall insulation system that keeps foods cold or hot. It also have a little compartment to keep dry food separate from wet ones. It also included a foldable spoon with its own spot for storing which is so convenient! It always stays cool to the touch so you can go ahead and store it in a diaper bag if you’d like! Overall, I love this product and would definitely recommend it!

DockAtot Travel Bag

If you’ve read my previous post about owning a DockAtot, then you know how much both Emma and I love it! Due to some recent unfortunate events, we had to evacuate our home for 3 weeks while construction crews were there and I was so happy to be able to take my DockAtot with us. We stayed with some family members and to make Emma as comfortable as possible, I knew I couldn’t leave it behind. I’ve traveled with it in the past, but have always had issues with transportation. Since its something that Emma uses for sleeping, I like to keep it extra clean and was so excited to receive this new “On the Go” Grand Transport bag in Midnight Teal

It comes nicely folded in this bag so when you’re done using it, its easily stored. I love how it doesn’t take up a ton of room since I’m always short on storage (I mean, who the heck isn’t?!). 

As you can see from this photo, the dock slides in easily and there’s even room for additional sleep items you’d like to take with you on your travels. The fabric is nice and thick so I would feel very comfortable checking it in on a long flight. It’s also super light weight and can be carried either on your shoulder or in your hands. It comes in two colors and sizes depending on weather you have the Deluxe or Grande.

Bottom line: when you make an investment like this, it’s almost a no-brainer to want to protect it and keep it in its best condition. This travel bag does exactly that! I’d definitely recommend it! Happy travels!


*product was provided for review, but all opinions are my own*

Perfect Nursery Rug from Lorena Canals

One of the best products in Emma’s room is a Lorena Canals Rug. Before I knew about these amazing MACHINE WASHABLE ( yes, seriously!!!!) rugs, I had purchased two others that kept getting dirty and needed to be replaced because they were so difficult to clean. There cam a point where I would have to tell my guests to please either step around the nursery rug, or take their shoes off. I love to place toys on the rug and have Emma play while I clean and tidy up. I also love how they’re made with all natural dyes, are handmade, eco friendly, and contain no VOCs. Of course my little monster loves to put everything in her mouth and I’ve recently been very nervous about chemicals being ingested. I love that I have a peace of mind with that issue. 

They’re also super stylish with tons of designs to choose from. Some are even reversible! They also have a home collection for adult spaces and even some of your sophisticated little one’s rooms. I love how incredibly shot it is and Emma has even napped on it!

Fits in a standard washing machine for easy clean up!

If all of that wasn’t enough to convince you of how great these rugs are, I was thrilled to know that proceeds support the Sakula project, and provide schooling for children in India! So, not only are you purchasing the BEST quality, eco friendly rug for your little one, but in the process you’re checking off your philanthropy goals. You can find Lorena Canal Rugs on IG @lorenacanalsrugs.

Emma loves playing and reading on our “Little Biscuit” rug!

Nuby’s 9 Oz. Comfort 360 + Trainer Cup


   Ok guys, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a huge fan of Nuby for many reasons! The main one being that they are always looking to make their products better and more efficient. We received the new Comfort 360 Trainer Cup and it’s seriously changed the whole sippy cup game! I say this because of its new design. It has a weighed straw which helps your little one drink from the cup no matter what angel they’re holding it at! It’s seriously amazing and I’ve been putting Emma’s milk in it as well and she’s been drinking every last drop without an issue. I’m trying to eliminate all baby bottles since she’s one and this trainer cup came just in time! Here are some very important points: 

  • Nuby’s 9 ounce Comfort™ 360 Plus+™ Trainer Cup is engineered to make handling the cup and drinking easier.
  • The No-Spill™ Comfort™ 360 degree PLUS+™ Trainer Cup is perfect for beginners, uniquely designed with Easy Grip™ handles that are sized to fit your child’s grasp and aid in the transition from bottle to cup drinking.
  • The new 360 weighted straw allows your little one to drink easily from any angle. The innovative flexible weighted straw moves to the liquid whenever the cup is tilted, allowing your child to sip to the last drop. The ultra-hygienic soft silicone spout is specially designed to prevent drips and spills while being delicate and gentle to gums and teeth.
  • The Nûby™ Comfort™ 360° PLUS+™ Trainer Cup exclusively in store and online at Babies R’ Us.
  • The Nûby™ Comfort™ 360° PLUS+™ Bottle Range is Buy 1, Get 1, 40% OFF at Babies R Us
    (sale dates: 1/20- 2/16)

Here’s my little love bug with her fav sippyy!

Nuby Bath Letters Product Review

Now that Emma’s almost a year old, she’s way too big for her baby tub and has transitioned into our standard sized bath tub. The good thing is that she has been loving it in there and its all due to the fact that she now has some fun toys to keep her entertained during the process. We received these Nuby Bath Letters and Numbers for Emma and are loving the fact that they stick to the bathtub wall and also float on the surface of the water. I want her to get familiarized with the alphabet as soon as possible and this is a great way to do so. As you can see from the picture, she loves putting these in her mouth and I feel ok about her doing so because they’re made without any BPAs and phthalates. The bright beautiful colors help get her attention and have made bath time so fun! Definitely recommend them!


*products were provided for review, but all opinions are my own*

Tiny Prints Christmas Cards

     Tiny Prints has been my go-to for all things invites, birth announcements, and holiday cards. This year, I decided to make two different cards since it’s Emma’s first Christmas. We used Tiny Prints for Emma’s birth announcement in January as well and I love the quality, customer service, and designs to name a few. Their website is so easy to use and you can even submit your sample to one of their designers to make sure that all is well with your design. They have tons and tons of styles you can choose from and I don’t know if thats a good thing or a bad thing since I literally wanted every single design. Here, I’ve included a digital catalog for you to view TINY PRINTS CATALOG. Its important to pay attention to cut off dates as well so I’ve included them here CUT OFF DATES. 

I think its so important to share the joy of Christmas with all your friends and family. Its hard to keep in touch sometimes with such busy schedules, and sending a Christmas card is a sweet way to say that you are thinking of them during this wonderful time. Tiny Prints has been such a joy to work with, and I can’t wait for Emma’s first birthday invitations to be made through them as well! Here are some promotional codes to take advantage of TINY PRINTS PROMO. I hope you enjoy your Holiday cards as much as I have! Merry Christmas!!

This post was sponsored by Tiny Prints. All opinions are always my own!