Perfect Nursery Rug from Lorena Canals

One of the best products in Emma’s room is a Lorena Canals Rug. Before I knew about these amazing MACHINE WASHABLE ( yes, seriously!!!!) rugs, I had purchased two others that kept getting dirty and needed to be replaced because they were so difficult to clean. There cam a point where I would have to tell my guests to please either step around the nursery rug, or take their shoes off. I love to place toys on the rug and have Emma play while I clean and tidy up. I also love how they’re made with all natural dyes, are handmade, eco friendly, and contain no VOCs. Of course my little monster loves to put everything in her mouth and I’ve recently been very nervous about chemicals being ingested. I love that I have a peace of mind with that issue. 

They’re also super stylish with tons of designs to choose from. Some are even reversible! They also have a home collection for adult spaces and even some of your sophisticated little one’s rooms. I love how incredibly shot it is and Emma has even napped on it!

Fits in a standard washing machine for easy clean up!

If all of that wasn’t enough to convince you of how great these rugs are, I was thrilled to know that proceeds support the Sakula project, and provide schooling for children in India! So, not only are you purchasing the BEST quality, eco friendly rug for your little one, but in the process you’re checking off your philanthropy goals. You can find Lorena Canal Rugs on IG @lorenacanalsrugs.

Emma loves playing and reading on our “Little Biscuit” rug!

Balayage Beauty!

Like many women in their 20’s, Ive been to A LOT of hair dressers. I’ve gone from light to dark many times and managed to fry it during the process. It sucks because you go to these supposed professionals with excitement about a new change, yet you leave with 60% of your hair chopped off since they burned it! Ugh, so frustrating! I’m so happy about my recent experience with Chris Pedroarena at Ballagio Hair Salon in Crystal Cove, CA that I had to blog about it!

I was at a Banana Republic one day and saw a girl with the prettiest hair. I stalked her for a little bit and summed up the courage to ask her who she goes by and quickly jotted down the info. A few months later, I decided I needed a change and that was the first time I met Chris. I have to mention how professional he is. When you sit in his chair, you get the best vibes and you just know that you’re in good hands…LITERALLY! He uses only the best products and works at such a great pace since you know how important that is for us moms. He has many years of experience and is also great at cuts and styling. I learned my lesson and will continue to see Chris for all my hair styling needs. Go ahead and check him out if you’re in the LA/OC area!

Here you can see the before on the left and the afters on the top and bottom right.

Nuby’s 9 Oz. Comfort 360 + Trainer Cup


   Ok guys, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a huge fan of Nuby for many reasons! The main one being that they are always looking to make their products better and more efficient. We received the new Comfort 360 Trainer Cup and it’s seriously changed the whole sippy cup game! I say this because of its new design. It has a weighed straw which helps your little one drink from the cup no matter what angel they’re holding it at! It’s seriously amazing and I’ve been putting Emma’s milk in it as well and she’s been drinking every last drop without an issue. I’m trying to eliminate all baby bottles since she’s one and this trainer cup came just in time! Here are some very important points: 

  • Nuby’s 9 ounce Comfort™ 360 Plus+™ Trainer Cup is engineered to make handling the cup and drinking easier.
  • The No-Spill™ Comfort™ 360 degree PLUS+™ Trainer Cup is perfect for beginners, uniquely designed with Easy Grip™ handles that are sized to fit your child’s grasp and aid in the transition from bottle to cup drinking.
  • The new 360 weighted straw allows your little one to drink easily from any angle. The innovative flexible weighted straw moves to the liquid whenever the cup is tilted, allowing your child to sip to the last drop. The ultra-hygienic soft silicone spout is specially designed to prevent drips and spills while being delicate and gentle to gums and teeth.
  • The Nûby™ Comfort™ 360° PLUS+™ Trainer Cup exclusively in store and online at Babies R’ Us.
  • The Nûby™ Comfort™ 360° PLUS+™ Bottle Range is Buy 1, Get 1, 40% OFF at Babies R Us
    (sale dates: 1/20- 2/16)

Here’s my little love bug with her fav sippyy!